Samsung Galaxy Tab now sells for $299 outright via Telstra

Yes folks, it’s true.  Telstra lowered the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to an amazing $299! This offer is currently online only and you also get the slate at home for free.

This is quite a price-cut if we think that4-5 months ago the tablet was selling for around $900! Maybe there is a reason that Telstra is lowering the price of the slate so much, new tablets around such as Motorola Xoom?

Source : Telstra

  • Thanks – Have placed an order.

  • Deeperblue2

    Telstra’s deal is a good one. It’s unlocked and is delivered free.

  • Bobgtra

    Is this the wifi only model?

  • I had to cave and get one of these, I love modding and messing with my HTC desire. I can waste a whole weekend on it. I hope this is as much fun

  • The reason these are so incredibly cheap is the TAB 2 will be launched soon – Telstra are being cagey about getting the 8.9 or 10.1, but the Tab2 is expected to be around the $700 mark.

    The TAB might not be the latest technology (but pretty bloody close), but if you’re as pissed off as I am with the Apple “walled garden” of the iPad it’s a damn nice replacement

  • Gammer_564

    just wanted to know if its unlocked ?? and also whether it supports making phone calls ?? can some one answer this quickly .. i need to get one and telstra don’t specify whihc model they r selling on there web site ..

    • Rash

      dude can’t u see, its stating voice, sms/mms capable and thats the 3g version not the wifi.

  • Seanrockford

    Hi got mine great value 3g unlocked wifi and you can make calls just put a sim in and Booyah away you go

  • guest

    carphone ware house are giving them away with phone upgrade

  • Ian

    Telstra says this 3G Tab is NOT unlocked.

    “Please note that the Samsung Galaxy Tab online offer of $299 are network locked and programmed to operate only on Telstra’s network. You will need to pay an unlocking fee to use it on other networks. Telstra mobile phones will have a first 6 months unlocking fee of either $50, $100 or $150, depending on the subsidy of the handset.”

    Erwin d331490
    Telstra Support Team

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