Samsung Galaxy Tab Capacitive Stylus Finally Sees The Light of Day…Bluetooth-less

Do you remember when Samsung announced a slew of new and cool accessories that you just couldn’t wait to get your hands on? While most of the accessories that were promised did actually make it to market, the capacitive stylus never did. The only issue with the stylus that was suppose to be release was the insanely high, $80 price tag. True that they did offer bluetooth capabilities that allows you to talk wirelessly by holding the pen up to your ear- you can’t make this stuff up people– but to me, I rather buy a cheap $20 stylus and a bluetooth headset; and that’s exactly what Samsung was thinking too! Check out the official Samsung bluetooth-less capacitive stylus!

For just over $20 you can own this great looking stylus. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to get one for myself so I don’t know how it compares to some of the other styluses out there. As much as I am hoping for HTC Flyer-like accuracy when writing on my Tab, I highly doubt it will ever be as good. Nevertheless, if your looking for a good looking stylus to along with your sexy Galaxy Tab, look no further than this one here. If you have tried it out, post a comment and let us know how it works.

via [Phandroid]

  • Jbaquiran76

    I haven’t tried this Samsung stylus yet but i do have a stylus for my tab. My stylus suck using it for drawing. Can’t find a good stylus like the DS or HTC Flyer.

  • Kathleenhenri

    Just ordered one.
    Used GALAXYS coupon code for a nice little discount!

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