Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi only CPU, GPU & Bluetooth downgraded

Everyone believed that when Samsung released the Galaxy Tab 7” Wi-Fi only version, the only difference to the 3G version would be..the lack of 3G and all the other components would remain the same. This is not the case. After further analysis, it seems that Samsung made some significant changes to the new Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi only version which appears to have a slower GPU, older CPU and a different Bluetooth version.

The Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab is powered by “a “1GHz A8 Cortex processor” as stated in the official product page, while the 3G version provides a “C110, 1GHz, Cortex A8 Hummingbird” processor.

But there is more! It has been noticed that the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab is using the PowerVR SGX 530 GPU instead of the SGX540 as seen on the 3G version. Some users state that the performance is not that good with this GPU, lag being noticed when the notification bar is pulled down.

The last thing different between the two versions is the Bluetooth. According to the official product page, the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab uses Bluetooth 2.1 while the 3G version is using Bluetooth 3.0.

Are you happy with your Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi only version and does it perform up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments bellow.

Via : Carrypad

  • Dwayne

    I can’t help feeling a little slighted, and I have noticed the graphics not responding as fast as I would like. That said, the unit is great, the price is great, and I am not stuck in a 2 year data plan contract.

  • I use a 3G everyday and my son (2.5 years old – every kid learning ABCs & #s should have one) uses the wifi version. I haven’t noticed a difference. But now that I know the different specs I’ll probably compare them a little more carefully from now on.

  • Mike

    I use my 3G Sprint Galaxy Tab as WiFi only – just put it in ‘Airplane mode’ and it will not nag you for phone service. No need to get the WiFi only version.

  • Nutpn

    know im not happy with my 7 inch wifi version,when i first got it,my wifi kept losing connection,after only a day ,i tried to return to tiger direct,they wouldnt do a return,said they could give me my money back,but i figured i would give tab another chance,but no way no return,whatever,so now it is laying in the box and if anyone wants to buy it for around 300 bucks let me know,oh i did get the wifi working great,it wasny recorrecting address each time,downloaded wifi fixer from market and now it works,i want a new phone only reason im selling

  • Mike H

    I noticed this when I was trying to pair an Apple wireless keyboard with the Galaxy Tab Wifi that it just won’t work. It must have to do with the 3.0->2.1 downgrade. I do like it otherwise, though, even with the slower processor. The 7″ form factor is really convenient and I would rather not have Honeycomb on a 10-inch tablet at this point.

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