Samsung started rolling out Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) update for Galaxy Tab in Italy! [With Upgrade Video]

Exciting news for original Galaxy Tab owners :  Samsung started to roll out Android 2.3.3 update (Gingerbread) for the Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Reported first at Androidiani and confirmed by users from XDA-Dev, users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab from Italy can update their Galaxy Tab over KIES to Android 2.3.3.

An insider from SamFirmware also confirmed this,  stating that the tab is now getting updates to Android 2.3.3 and the rom should be online later today or tomorrow.

Here are more details :

The firmware version of KIES is : P1000XXJPZ.
This rom is running Android 2.3.3

Firmware Version: 2.3.3
Versione banda base : P1000XXJPZ Base-band version: P1000XXJPZ
Versione Kernel : – se-infra@SEP-52 #2
Kernel Version: – if infra-SEP-52 @ # 2
Numero build : GINGERBREAD.XXJQ1

Hopefully this is not a joke and all the tabs will get updated to Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread).  Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE 1 : The firmware is already out and ready to download. Visit our Galaxy Tab Forum for more information.

UPDATE 2 :  VIDEO [How-To] Flash Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy Tab – For more details, instructions etc, visit our Galaxy Tab Forum . Enjoy

Via : AndroidianiXDA-Dev , Samfirmware

  • Never ever done this – hoe in the world do I flash my tab?

  • Surendran Nambiath


  • According to Kies on desktop “This version of the device cannot be updated”.

    • Hamish

      That is what mine says too. What are you running on your tab at the moment?

  • Jeff

    How is 2.3 different from 2.2?

  • Mesho

    Does it support Arabic language.

    • Bomariam1

      did you get any answer for arabic?
      I am planning to do. 

  • Bill Holbrook

    Is there any chance that those of us who are not computer techo’s could get a laymans guide to installing the new firmware. The installation guide given here is complete gobbledygook to me and I am sure many other galaxy tab users.


    • @be70636b2dd43dc96277c065b20d312d:disqus  , a tutorial video has been posted for those who are not computer techs…you should be fine if you follow it 😀 Hope it helps. Enjoy 😀

  • Bill

    I have watched the very poor quality video for the firmware upgrade on the forum and find myself little the wiser for watching it. As a layman who bought my galaxy tab for a mixture of work and recreation and like many other users no computer techo.

    Therefore first question, what does it mean to root a galaxy tab, what does it do,is there any real need to do it

    Second question, what does it mean to “flash the firmware” as stated I have watched the video and the explanations given I find are totally inadequate to anyone not acquainted or familiar with the computer terminology used.

    Is it being suggested that users like myself take their galaxies to computer servicing centres and get the upgrade carried out by professionals. If that is the case I do not feel I will be buying any further Samsung products as I have only had my galaxy tab six weeks.


    • Hamish

      I will try to answer your questions:
      1. Rooting (as with any Android device) allows the user access to the very deepest layers of the operating system (the Root file system) which in Android and Linux (on which Android is based) is protected. This is a good thing as it prevents malware and viruses accessing the device. By rooting your device you would be able to back up apps, install apps that require root access (such as wifi tethering apps), and generally muck about with it. The ‘average’ user doesn’t need to root their device.
      2. Flashing a ROM means getting a different, newer or altered version of the software that makes your phone work and installing it. The two most popular ways are by putting a .zip file on your sd card and telling the phone to update using it or by using a program in Windows called Odin which acts as an intermediary between you and the phone thereby allowing you to load new operating systems onto it.

      I would suggest that you do not take you Tab to a computer servicing centre. They may well not know what to do with it and you can do it yourself using Kies and a data cable.
      Just install Kies onto your windows PC, launch it and then plug your Tab into it using the data cable. Kies should automatically check for updates, if there is one it will take you through the steps needed to upgrade to the latest software. Simple and no need for difficult and techy proceedures.
      Hope this helps,


      • Bill

        Hi Hamish and everyone.
        Thank you for the advice and guidance Hamish as this is the first computer (even though it is a tablet) that I have owned which does not run under the Windows operating system. There I now feel is where myself and many other new owners of tablets may be acting under a misapprehension.

        With the Windows operating system all updates are automatically carried out with the computer operator/owner not having to worry about installation as the update always takes place on shutdown of the computer and completed on reboot.

        I now understand that the android system is a completely different animal as I was unaware it was based on Linux which to me has always been the domain of persons with a great knowledge of computers and the operating system. With me since the late 80s a computer has been something which assist me in my everyday life the workings of which I have had little need to know about.

        Had I realized the above before purchase of a galaxy tab I think I may well have thought twice about buying it. It is a great device and has done everything I expected of it and much more. However, if updating the operating system is to involve elaborate and complicated procedures as shown in the video I think that Samsung and others may well find that many like myself would not wish to become involved in those procedures and revert back to devices which operate under the Windows system.

        It could be that the android system becomes meaningless and unwanted by a large section of society whose computer experience has been with the Microsoft system.

        Anyway, thanks again for the advice.

        • Hamish

          glad the advice was helpful. 
          I am sorry that you are not keen on Android. It is an amazing thing in that it is free, Google make the source code available to developers which keeps it fresh and allows new innovation.
          It is worth pointing out that the official route to updating your Tab should be as simple as plugging in your Tab followed by a few mouse clicks.
          Have you got the samsung software – Kies – on your PC? If so, Kies should recognise your Tab and then should offer to upgrade your software.
          Hope this helps,

        • Againn

          I think you have misunderstood what the aim of the above video is, as when you do an official update through Kies itself there are no complex button presses or elaborate procedures that require a high level of technical expertise. 

          This video is aimed at people who do have some knowledge of playing around in the deeper recesses of operating systems, and isn’t intended to be done by anyone who is happy to just update the device the simple (and safer) way via Kies when and if Samsung release updates. Plugging devices into your PC (or mac) to update it is very common. Many mobile phones require this procedure, as well as pretty much all media players (even those maingy apple devices) for installing updates, and in the Tabs case its really simple and reliable when an update comes out.As for going back to windows based devices.. there are none truly comparable, and probably never will be due to the requirements of windows itself. Android (and iOS) are here to stay, and the majority of occasional computer users much prefer the simple approach it has to everyday tasks.It’s a shame your enjoyment of the Tab has been spoiled by this video, but it really isn’t aimed at the average consumer, so you should just ignore it.

  • davide

    updated yesterday, dunno
    it seems to me it uses MORE battery than before :S

  • Hello ,

    Odin detected three devices and what can i do? i plug only my Galaxy Tab alone.

    Somebody pls help.

    Many thanks


    • Hamish

      did you reboot everything? Try that and start it all up again.

  • Hello,

    Odin appear detecting three devices and what should I do? I just plug my Tab alone.

    Anybody can help me please.


  • Ortonauta

    Did it, very easy! but now my network data connection no longer works! I´m in Vodafone portugal, I have tried all the options, reboots and resets and still nothing. Anybody any suggestion??

    • Steverogers16

      Hi I have the same problem with Vodafone Spain works fine on wireless but no data connection the tab has connected to vodafone es but no data connection can anyone help please ??? 

      • Ortonauta

        You have to set your APN settings, Google them for Vodafone Spain, I found mine easily, once you get into your options, you will have to create a new APN profile since it will be empty there. Hope it helps.

        • Steverogers16

          Hi mate great minds think alike i have just found it and reset and was going to tell you thank you mine works fine now cheers  steve 

  • fhorn8355

    I thought the video goes through the firmware installation perfectly clear. The Tab is my first Android device and this was the first time I have updated the firmware.

    If you feel nervius about doing this update you can always wait for the official release which presumably will install through Kies when it is ready.

    I am hoping 2.3.3 will solve the very poor performance and stability of the Tab. So far I have found the experience very clunky and nothing like as smooth as the Iphone. Also I have found the apps to be some way behind the Iphones (eg Skype nowhere near as good)

    Fingers crossed the update will change my opinion of Android.

  • Farside

    Help help help
    I followed the instructions to flash the firmware however i missed unchecking the repartition button.
    now i cant do stage 3 power button and up vol button. I have redone it from stage one but no results
    The main samsung screen appears at power on but the screen for stage 3 doesnt appear. on the left side of the screen i suspect it is there because there is a range of colours etc about 2 mm wide all along the left edge.

    I cant even do a factory reset and keis wont recognise it as being connected
    Please help 

  • Psburton

    I share Bill Holbrooks feelings, gobbledygook to the average tab owner 

    • Hamish

      It’s worth pointing out that none of the steps in the video are necessary if all you want to do is update your Tab. Just plug it in to Kies and allow the official Samsung software to do the job.Hamish 

  • Anna

     This is definitely the easiest guide i’ve ever followed.THANK YOU!

  • Ketzal

    Did the update. MASSIVE improvement. MASSIVE. Keyboard has no lag now. Browser is about a billion times better. Amazing.

  • Ca Melendez

     hi… im follow the steps…. one by one… when finish the firts proccess the screen put in black and the image and video lost….. somebody can help me????

  • Cirodiazvelez

     cnt download the Pit File, i get this error [#10171] You do not have permission to view this attachmen. any help?[#10171] You do not have permission to view this attachmen. any help?

  • Ryn888

    Im from philippines and i already upgrade my galaxy tab korean version from 2.2 to 2.3.3… a success upgrade. Using odin. Very fast. Browser like safari. No lags at all. I really love my Galaxy Tab because of Gingerbread 2.3.3. Thanks a lot to samsung.

    • Elohim_jc

       Hey sir I am from the Philippines too can you upgrade my Galaxy Tab 1010, my text numebr is 09209203032 , I can pay minimal cost if you want

  • Krashangek

    Once I upgraded the firmware to Gingerbread, I noticed those four capacitive keys were constantly illuminated till the LCD screen shut off. Anyone else has the same problem?


  • Zeno548

    Nice explication everythink is ok I get no GT-P1000 2.3.3

  • iceman

    how about galaxy tab P1010 wifi???

  • Pui

     It works great on my Galaxy Tab 7 Thailand

  • LM

    I live in SE Asia, we are quite disappointed with SAMSUNG’s roll out of updates. Why it is only released in some areas not to all users as a whole, leaving other users hanging. Compared to apple they update as a whole. I’m not keen to doing it yourself. Just tried android yet if it is like this better go back to apple.

  • sunnyp1187

    Middle East release is 28th May, so from rollout plan Europe should get a few days earlier. Not hold my breath though.

    • i’m staying in dubai but there aren’t any kies update yet huhu

  • Nice article. Very clear to me. I now understand that the android system is a completely different
    animal as I was unaware it was based on Linux which to me has always
    been the domain of persons with a great knowledge of computers and the
    operating system. Thanks.

  • Allan

    Please can you put some simple instructions on the new upgrades. The video is poor quality & cant understand the person. Not every one is computer buffs. Please  Allan

  • Jaanus Ericsson

    in Estonia it´s officially out 🙂

    • sunnyp1187

      For Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000)? Nothing in UK yet.

  • sunnyp1187
  • Suresh

    now may month is going to finish but still no update on kies. why samsung is taking so long time. Do anyone know when can get this update in china. I m fed up with checking every day.

  • Flashed Sim Free UK Tab, couldn’t wait for Samsung. Never flashed before but it was Very easy and works flawlessly.

  • BOBBIE Garcia

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  • Jamesrobertdonovan

    Why is the kies not auto updating to Gingerbread?

  • Richard Kingston

    So, is the Galaxy Tab wifi upgradable to 2.3? I phoned Samsung and they did not have a clue. There are thoughts for yes and some for no on the forum. Anyone have more info?


  • Oupamster

    I’m a south african, I just cannot wait for samsung for the update reales. So I followed the video to update my tab from 2.2 to 2.3.3 gingerbread… simple and staraigh foward explanations. I’m proud to be running gingerbread on my 7″ tab. And now my boss’s 7″ is also running on gingerbread. Awsome. Keep up the good work guys although it’s risky. – plustwo (za)

  • Kobimill

    does it support in hebrew as well?

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