Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Accessories now on sale via Samsung Germany

Samsung’s German Online store started to list the official Samsung accessories for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and you can buy them right now!

Samsung included in its list the following :

  • Keyboard dock (€ 79.90)
  • HDMI output adapter (€ 29.90)
  • Docking station for charging (€ 34.90)
  • USB and SD card reader adapter (€ 29.90)
  • Tablet sleeve (€ 69.90)
  • Leather Bag (€ 29.90)
  • Bluetooth ear bud headphones (€ 79.90)
  • Tablet case with Bluetooth keyboard (€ 149.90)

Now that we have the accessories, we are waiting for the tablet to be released in order to use them!

Source : Samsung Germany, Via : Tablets-Planet

  • Anonymous

    F#$&£@& great!  Just typical of Samsung.  Release a load of accessories for a new Tablet product, which you can’t even get yet.  However what about those poor sods who rudhed out and bought a 7″ tablet, what is being done for them?  Absolutley nothing.  A bit of advice (I don’t care if you want it or not) don’t but any of Samsung’s Tablet products.  The Galaxy Tablet 7″ is brilliant, but Samsung seem to treat it like a bastard child that they feel brings some sort of shame on them, just ignore anything to do with the 7″ and hopefully it will go away and all those who have one will go and buy the updated one.  Avoid Samsung and much as it I hate to have to say this; buy an Apple at least Apple and Jobs know how to look after customers and instill some loyalty.
    Samsung and Google (Android) should take notice!  I am sure that I am not the only Samsung customer and Android user who feels somehow violated by both these organisations.   

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