Galaxy Tab Games of the Week 23 – 29 May

Tuesday is the  day of The Galaxy Tab “Games of the Week”. Today’s list includes games recommended by our Facebook fans (Join us by “Like”-ing us on the sidebar of the website)! We welcome any other Games of the Week Suggestions on our forum!

1. Flight Control

An interesting game that is running great on Galaxy Tab is Flight Control. Aim of the game? You just need to land planes and avoid collisions in this addictive airline action.

Learning the controls is quite fast and the main objective is to guide the aircraft to their landing zone. You can do this by drawing with your fingers news routes in order to avoid collision. It becomes more challenging and exciting when more planes are on the screen so you will have to avoid collision and land them all safely. Sounds good isn’t it? The game offers multiple airfields, 10 aicrafts including jets, helicopters and stat-tracking.

Try it and enjoy. (Thanks Ricky @ FB)

2. Scooter Hero

Scooter Hero is another game which is quite fun on the tablet. It’s quite simple and a very addictive game which claims that it has more than 2.6 million players. You start as a guy on a scooter and you just need to jump from different platforms. Jump by tapping the screen; the longer you tap, the longer you will jump. Watch out and don’t fall!

The game offers features such as four game modes : “Super Medal”, “Gas Plant” , “Skill School”, “Quick Hurdle”, bonus while performing stunts and much more.

Enjoy.(Thanks Parag @ FB)

3. Haypi Kingdom

Haypi Kingdom is one of the best massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) for android. In this game, you are a general that tries to direct an ancient kingdom in a great strategic game. You will have to boost resource production, explore wild lands finding legendary treasures, upgrade your troops with advanced abilities and fight against enemies. Goal? Become the strongest kingdom in the ancient world.

A great part of this game is that you won’t play alone. .”In this massive multiplayer online game you will be able to interact with thousands of players from all over the world in a competition for fame, power, wealth and glory. What’s more, there are plenty of possibilities to interact with others – Not only offense and defense, but also trade, alliance, mail system, chat system, etc. Haypi Kingdom will be a rewarding pastime on your mobile devices.”

Excited? Give it a try! (Thanks PJ M @ FB)

We welcome any other Games of the Week Suggestions on our forum!

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