Is the Samsung-Apple Relationship Doomed?

The legal wrangling between Apple and Samsung is escalating. Both companies, as you know, are firing at each other with patent lawsuits. And now both are complaining to the International Trade Commission in Washington to ban each others products from entering the US.

Samsung struck first in late June requesting a ban on Apple’s U.S. imports of smartphones and tablets, which are manufactured in China. On July 5th, Apple followed suit with its own ITC complaint that seeks to ban Samsung’s Galaxy S phone and Galaxy Tab tablet from US import.

Considering that Apple bought nearly $6 billion worth of electronics components from Samsung in 2010, and expects to increase the amount in 2011, continued legal action is bound to strain that working relationship. Or perhaps if the mathematics of the legal action is substantially less than the $6 billion plus in parts, the sparring might continue.

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