What are the best features of the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

It’s quite possible that each owner will have a special feature of the Galaxy Tab that he or she puts above all others.

Perhaps it’s the dual cameras or dual surround-sound speakers? Who could argue with the 10.1″ display? And the 1280 x 800 resolution is a major crowd-pleaser, I’m sure.

But I have to agree with the folks at Video Gaming Pros for nailing the 4 unbeatable features.

Portability. Thinnest and lightest 10 inch tablet out there.
Full Adobe Flash media player support. You need it, face it.
Most up-to-date Android OS, Honeycomb 3.1. That’s a fact.
Most powerful, intelligent processor in all tablets: The Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core 1 GHz processor. The need for speed, right?

Do you agree? Please let us know.

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