Finding Tablet Apps Just Got A Lot Easier –


It’s no surprise, I love my Galaxy Tab 10.1. But often times I get frustrated at the fact that it is nearly impossible to find tablet specific apps for it. Many times a developer would claim that an app was “optimized” for tablets but what does that really mean? Users are led to believe that the app they are about to purchase was indeed a “tablet app”. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Often times, the word optimized usually refers to the fact that the app stretches out to fit the size of our tabs without pixelation-but that’s not really the definition of optimized is it? Finding real tablet apps is a chore! Since there is no dedicated section for tablets, like how the iPad does, it might deter potential Android tablet buyers. This is where comes in. was designed to only show apps that truly have been optimized/designed for tablets. Everyday new apps are being added to the list. Each app is tested to make sure that really is a tablet SPECIFIC app…a “tablified app”. The site doesn’t waste your time by showing any other apps, just tablet ones. Once you find the app you want, simply click the Android Market logo and it will take you directly to the official market page.

So for those tablet owners out there who are sick of not being able to find apps for their Galaxy Tab, its definitely worth taking a look at. Over 100+ tablet apps already added and more coming each day. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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