US Cellular’s LTE Launch in March Includes Samsung Galaxy Tablet

While customers of US Cellular look forward to its LTE network launch in a few short weeks, they can get a head start by scouting out the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G mobile tablet.

US Cellular has chosen the tablet to coincide with the March 2012 launch and will follow that with another Samsung product – The Galaxy S Aviator 4G smartphone.

The new 4G network will cover 25 percent of US Cellular’s customers — in parts of the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Maine, North Carolina, Texas and Oklahoma.

Mary Dillon, president and CEO of US Cellular, said: “This 4G LTE network builds upon our industry-leading network satisfaction and is the only one that comes with a valuable rewards programme and other unique benefits like overage protection and battery swap that make our customers the happiest in wireless.”

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