Samsung Galaxy Note II Gets Power Boost from ANADIGICS

With the fast-selling Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ready to continue its momentum during the Holiday season, the South Korean firm is taking no chances with battery life.

With more than 3 million Galaxy Note 2 units sold in 37 days, Samsung and partners will continue to work with ANADIGICS to deliver power amplifiers.

Michael Canonico, senior vice president of worldwide sales at ANADIGICS, said: “By working closely with top-tier wireless manufacturers, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of power amplifier solutions that are optimized to deliver longer battery-life in smartphones and tablets. This performance advantage is backed by high-volume manufacturing prowess, outstanding quality, and exceptionally skilled applications teams to help our customers quickly bring to market leading-edge designs.”

ANADIGICS ships different models of its power amplifiers, either single-band or dual-band, to different carriers including Verizon and Sprint in the US.

The power amplifiers boost performance levels and extends battery-life in handsets, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and notebooks and ensures high throughput for better data connectivity.

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