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BuzzBox News RSS/Google Reader « News & Magazines « Downloads

Versionversion: 2.1 (for all Android versions)
Date postedJanuary 22, 2011
Downloaded791 times
CategoriesNews & Magazines
Tagsbuzzbox, newspapers, rss reader, news, google reader


BuzzBox™ News with RSS & Google Reader Import

BuzzBox™ creates a personalized list of top news stories based on news sources/rss feeds you follow, so you get the top news first. Like a Facebook Feed, if more of your sources write about the same story, the higher ranked the news story is for you. Also groups similar news stories from different news sources/rss feeds, so you don’t get repeat news. Use news widgets or news notifications to stay up to date.

·Over 2000+ categorized news sources/rss news feeds to select from
·Add your own news source/rss reader feeds
·Full news text in app, no need to leave app
· Search for news
· Browse by topics
· Setup your favorite keywords and get notifications
when new stories arrive
·Import news feeds from google reader
·Share news on twitter (auto fills title,news source,hashtag,link),facebook,Email,SMS,MMS
·Light,Dark,Black & Pink themes
·Get own personalize RSS reader feed for iGoogle, google reader or other feed readers

DASHBOARD: 6 icons to get to the news you want
·Top News: Top news ranked personally for you
·All News Stories: All news sorted by time
·By News Category: News sorted by US news,world news, politics news,tech news,celeb news,business news,sports news,health news,gaming news
·By News Source: View 1 news source at a time
·My News Sources: Add/remove sources
·My Favorites: Wtories you have favorited

·Add as many sources/rss feeds
·Per source control:
-TOP:get only popular stories
-ALL:get everything
·Search for news sources
·Add our source by website URL, feed URL or RSS feed URL
·Import from Google Reader

·Sizes: 2×2,3×3,4×4,4×1 widget
·Many color widget
·Types: all,top or per section like us,world,sports,political,business news,gossip

·”Auto Mark as Read” as you scroll
·Downloads entire text in app
·Offline reading enabled with background updates
·Smart Notifications
·Sign Up to save sources & favorites
·Google Reader auto loads sources

Choose category of news like sports news then what medium you trust like newspaper. Add as many news sources or just one.

100+ US News Sections:
– Newspaper: NYTimes,USA Today,LA Times, & more us newspaper
– TV: CNN,CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more tv us news
– Mag: Time,Newsweek,Economist & more us news mags
– Int: BBC,Guardian & more

150+ Business News Sections:
– Newspaper: NYTimes,WSJ,LA Times & more business newspaper
– TV: CNBC,CNN,CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more business tv news
– Mag: Time,Newsweek,Economist,Financial Times,BusinessWeek & more business news mags
– Int: BBC,Guardian & more business news
– Blog: The Street & more business news blogs

250+ Celeb News Sections:
– Newspaper: NYTimes,Washington Post,LA Times & more celeb newspaper
– TV: CNN,CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more tv celb news
– Mag: GQ,Vanity Fair,Variety,Esquire,People & more gossip news mags
– Int: BBC,Mirror,OK! & more
– Blog: Perez Hilton,TMZ,MTV,Extra,E!Online & more celeb news blogs

125+ Sports News Sections:
– Newspaper: NYTimes,USA Today,LA Times & more sports newspaper
– TV: ESPN,CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more tv sports news
– Mag: ESPN Mag,Sports Ill.,Golf more sports news mags
– Int: BBC,Sky & more sports news
– Blog: Bleacher Report,Sports Biz & more sports news blogs

300+ Politics News Sections:
– Newspaper: NYTimes,Washington Post,LA Times & more politics newspaper
– TV: CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more politics tv
– Mag: Time,Newsweek, & more politics mags
– Int: BBC,Guardian & more
– Blog: drudge,politico,huffington & more politics blogs

300+ Tech News Sections
– Newspaper: WSJ,NYTimes, Boston Globe & more tech news
– TV: NPR,MSNBC & more tech tv
– Mag: Wired,PCWeek, & more tech mags
– Int: Le Monde, MBC & more
– Blog: techcrunch,engadget,cnet,reddit & more tech blogs

100+ Health News Sections
100+ Gaming News Sections

Try pulse,newsrob,google reader or any other news/rss reader. You’ll come back!!

1. Many news sources
2. Awesome widgets
3. Personalized news

Recent changes:
· Search for news
· Browse by topics
· Setup your favorite keywords and get notifications
when new stories arrive

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